Together, we can work on:

– your career progression, such as a promotion or another form of career advancement.

enhancing your current career, by developing such core skills as your communication capability, influencing skills, change management, team engagement and leadership presence.

– a career transition, like identifying a new career or returning to work after a break.

Working on your career progression will take your career to the next level as a result of

  • a promotion you deserve and want to make sure you receive
  • quickly making a positive impact in a new role
  • successfully managing your team and impressing with your deliveries


Career progression programmes allow you to continually raise your game:

For example, if we imagine the case of an individual aiming for a promotion but who has received feedback from his management that they need to develop their inter-personal skills, I might recommend that they work through the ‘Advance’ module which focuses on promotion-related strategies combined with the ‘Listen’ module to enhance their active listening skills.

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Enhancing your current career will make you both more effective and more fulfilled from

  • raising your own effectiveness at work
  • enhancing your communication and gaining in influence
  • developing your leadership presence
  • delivering enhanced team performance and productivity
  • successfully driving change initiatives


Career enhancement programmes deliver a transformational experience:

Consider the case of manager who needs to take his team through a change project: I might advise the ‘Change’ module which will enable that individual to devise and then roll out a plan to touch their staff’s hearts and minds through that evolutionary phase, together with the ‘Communicate’ module to focus on their communication during this challenging time.

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Make a successful  career transition from  crafting and then executing a customised action, whether it is:

  • repackaging your skills into a job which fulfils you more
  • returning to work after a career break, an illness or a redundancy
  • redefining success and identifying a completely new career path


There are three career transition programmes:








After an individual assessment, I will recommend a tailored programme to suit your needs.


I would like to hear about your career aspirations and goals, and to discuss the challenges and obstacles which are holding you back so do feel free to email me here.

And if you’d like to hear about the results of previous clients, here is a link to what they said.