Career Acceleration in Times of Challenge

Interview with Rob Brown, Founder of Business Building for Bankers

I am delighted to share with you the interview which I recorded with Rob Brown of Business Building for Bankers. Rob helps banking professionals increase their influence and win more business. One of the ways Rob does that is by making available to them a vast array of wonderful resources, among which a panel of banking experts offering advice on a large range of issues.

You can listen to the audio recording by clickling on the link just below:

Career Acceleration in Times of Challenge

In the interview, I share with Rob my take on the current state of the banking industry and what this means for ambitious financial sector professionals keen to progress their career. We discuss how much more challenging the present circumstances, the pressure on costs and headcount, are making  moving one’s career forward even if you work very hard.

In particular, in addition to performing strongly, it is really important to draw attention to the value you add, a concept I call “ethical bragging” as you cannot rely on merit alone in order to naturally progress your career and navigate the chaotic waters of corporate life.

Rob and I also chat about the importance of communication and influencing skills in both getting along with colleagues in the workplace but also in getting ahead. It’s not just about leveraging your technical abilities even though those are crucial.

Finally, playing to your strengths, rather than focusing on trying to remedy your shortcomings, is a powerful way to distinguish yourself at work, enhance your performance, stand out from your competition, all the while feeling enthusiastic, optimistic and energised!

I hope the interview touches on topics which are relevant to your work life and I’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to, we can also have a totally complimentary chat to explore what is going on for you specifically and what you would like to have happen in your career. Just contact me here.

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