5 Top Tips to RESET your Career

The Art of Negotiating your Career Transitions, Big and Small

Hello and welcome to Career Tips! In this edition, a bit of an original offering: an hour-long webinar on career transition! Wow!career transition

I designed this workshop for everyone currently thinking of changing jobs, whether the change means just a progression within your current employer or involves a switch to a new industry. Indeed, the webinar considers all forms of career transitions, whether they stem from a risk of redundancy, a natural process of internal evolution within your current company or that vague, and at first clearly unhelpful, sense that it’s time to think about what next.

More in detail, the workshop addresses:
1. The circumstances which trigger career transitions
2. The challenges of transitioning your career
3. The process of career transitioning, notably with respect to matching your aspirations to real jobs out there
4. Techniques for making that transition, including CV writing, networking and action planning

Watch the workshop if you:
– welcome the chance to reflect on your past and future career transitions,
– feel that now is the right time to embark on a career transition,
– want to understand what can get in the way of successfully executing a career transition, and
– wish to leave with food for thought around articulating an effective career transition strategy.

So there you have it, five steps to successfully transition your career when you identify the right time to make that move, don’t let yourself (or anyone one else) get in the way, really understand what you want to go after, position yourself attractively and execute a powerful marketing campaign. As always, comments or reactions are welcome. Let me also encourage you to share your tips and techniques!

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