Motivation at Work

Off to a roaring New Year? Only if you are motivated…

Here is a video which discusses motivation at work.

It combines a fun format, delivered at a fast pace, with interesting insights into what motivates us at work. It challenges the view that reward (e.g. promotion, financial gain) and punishment (loss of bonus, dismissal) are the main drivers of our motivation to work and discusses the roles of money, autonomy, mastery and purpose. It says: money is important only so far as people are paid enough that they stop thinking about money and can concentrate on their work.

I for one totally agree! How about you: do you agree with the video makers? What gets you up in the morning: money, autonomy, mastery or purpose? How does your own firm motivate you? Or would you rather be working for Atlassian (you need to watch the video to learn what Atlanssian is)?

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